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The Community Forum

The Community Forum was formed to bring like minded people together. who share a common interest in Motorsports. Of any form. We wanted to create a place that is more privet than most forums, and Facebook groups. But still have the good group vibe and security that we all look for out of people. there are places for build threads and other sort of "Tech" along with several sub forums for whatever topic may come up in your Motorsport endeavors. This is not a place for politics, banter, rib jabbing, meme(s), or any other form of shit talk. We want this to be a warm Friendly/Family Friendly environment. That also takes great pride in the groups entertainment, education, and over all Group respect and Togetherness.

Thank you for registering on our forum. If there is anything you can think of to help us get better, don't hesitate to contact an admin, or simply post up! We would love to hear from you.



A place for clean, clear, and free tech articles by the people for the people.


Group Outings

We like to enjoy the outdoors, ad love meeting people, and sharing what we know as a good time. If you are like minded and want to come out, keep an eye on staging area. we post trips on the norm.


Build Parties


Once and a while we clean the shop out and open it up for people to come by and work on projects for the day. pic our brains, eat food, and help each other out. it is always a good time. We always get lots gets done, its a great opportunity to learn new things about your rig, building stuff, and meet good local people in the sport/hobby.


Family Friendly Environment

Most importantly! Family Friendly, Fun, And Safe. We have been out with a great many groups over the years. Come on out and let us show you how we think a group run should go. You will not regret it. Lots of people do what we do, just not HOW we do it.

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