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Restoration & Collision Repair

Driver Level Restorations

If you plan on driving your vehicle some what guilt-free, you may not want it to be perfect in all respects. Vehicles restored at this level stand out in shows as high quality vehicles but resources spent on certain areas would be minimized depending on your specific goals and expectations.

About Us

This is a second generation shop. My Grandfather built a small body shop in the 70's here in Independence, and from there Dad was taught the old school way of doing things, learning the craft. After High school, he was buying muscle cars, fixing them up, and selling them. He spent years doing this on the side and in various shops throughout the PNW. After managing and setting up several body shops He eventually landed A job with a very large paint manufacturer. He then spent the next 21 years as a technical representative and regional salesman. If there was a body shop in need of Help here in the northwest, dad was responding. Me, that's when I was growing up, Being toated around here and there from body shop setup to setup, warehouse to warehouse. When I turned 15, before I could learn to drive, I had to learn to fix the car I was to drive in. My parents got  me an 1984 Mazda b2000 pickup, that had been T-Boned by a Semi!! If I managed to get it back on the road, I could learn to drive. By the time dad came back from his next trip it was ready for filler and primer! And the rest is history. I spent some time in my early adulthood with a few body shops, here and there. Eventually Landing at a large R.V. manufacturer. I managed the Fiberglass repair departments there for a decade, along with several productions departments. (Quality, final, dealer prep, etc.)  Along with having a couple service centers on the side of my own. (busy boy) But when the Ladder got too steep and dad was ready to retire, I came home to take over the shop for him. This Work is in our blood! 

Over the years we have noticed the standard  quality has dropped among our peers. We often finding ourselves listening to the horror stories of clients about their cars, and "The Other Shops" they have spent time with. Then helping them through the aftermath. We do things right around here, we have put cars into the field with decades of exposure. Our shop is at home, our overhead is low, and we have held our material accounts for over a decade. We have the ability for fit almost any budget. This also allows us to spend the extra time needed with your ride to ensure it exceeds expectations. You don't have to worry about being rushed through the door to meet end of month bills, or to get to that next job. We take pride in making our clients happy, and making their rides stand out. Period.

Documentation & Expertise

Once your vehicle arrives at our facility, photographic and written documentation are prepared. This process continues during every phase of the restoration, with the owner being made aware of the progress. Repairing custom vehicles take a lot more than the average late model vehicle repair,Having specialized technicians that have the real world experience to work  on custom, classics is great peace of mind!


Elite Level & OEM Restorations

We provide top quality restorations for your high performance, Classic, or Collector Car. This service is not for everyone. If you are a discriminating collector and expect quality work that is well researched and performed, please consider us.The body repairs are performed with the finest quality products available. We still do real fabricating, metal and lead work. Custom made body parts for all cars, Complete body fabrication from photos or patterns, Sheet metal structural component or body section fab, and Corrosion repair to OEM standards. With Itemized re-installation, full detail,  full "rocker to roof" cut and rub, and Full documentation. It's Hard to surpass what we can offer for you, and your Ride. 

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