Jun 9, 2018

Gambler registration


Alright, EACH team member need and individual registration to get into camp. $40 each person, that covers you rig too, trailers are additional.


Registration Link: https://gambler500.ticketspice.com/the-gambler-500


Looking forward to a great event in the woods!



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  • Do You want to Tag along for the gambler 500? we can have nonregistered chase cars this year! Also, you can register for the camping portion of the event ONLY, if you would like. Camp opens Friday morning and will be rocking all weekend. it does cost the same, but if you want to head out early and set camp, party and wait for us to roll in. More power to ya! Tessa Carrillo will head out Friday night/sat morning to set our camp, and wait if anybody wants to roll with her, post up! we will have two gambler cars (so far), a support crew ( Royale Brewing Company ), and I am working on a chase film crew for the weekend. if you plan to chase, please post up your vehicle specs and info as I would like to verify a few safety/preparedness items. it will be a lot of offroad, so be prepared! If you want to just hang out and party in camp, hells yeah! I look forward to seeing you. Get registered and come on out. If you want to put a 3rd car together, there is still time! This is going to be one of those events on one of those years, you won't want to have missed. I have a feeling. Tess and I are already registered, let's do this!
  • Ok Peeps, Planning for the gambler is getting serious. We have a t car team, and 3 sponsers!!!! What i need as of now is a head count. Car One: Steelpanther 2.0. Please verify below. Me, John Parmenter Dan Jones Chris Lemmer Opal Ann Franich Car Two: TBD, Please Verify Below David Nijhawan Chris Teso X: X: We will be followed by a beer truck(built jeep) Royale brewing, and have meat from a local restaurant, and new gear to cook with supplied by dirtravler.com I need to know how many people we are going to feed, and how many seats we need to prep in the cars. Thats all for now, this is shaping up to be an event for the ages. HMU Yall!
  • here it is. the steelpanther lives on! just have to pull some skid plates and its all ours. now what do we want to do with her? as m getting it in trade for install labor we have some funds to spend. id like to keep some there for gas funds. but other than that im all ears! id like to push the roof back up and install some glass or plexi. if we are to cut the front roof id like to install a removable roof panel so we dont get rained on in the winter months. Id like to cut the rear part of the roof off, and as much of the rear section (hatch area) as we can. i have a fuel cell if we want to run that, and some other things we might be able to use. here we go!