Gambler 500

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Jun 9, 2018

Do You want to Tag along for the gambler 500? we can have nonregistered chase cars this year! Also, you can register for the camping portion of the event ONLY, if you would like. Camp opens Friday mor
May 4, 2018

Ok Peeps, Planning for the gambler is getting serious. We have a t car team, and 3 sponsers!!!! What i need as of now is a head count. Car One: Steelpanther 2.0. Please verify below. Me, John Parment
Apr 13, 2018

July 13 - July 15 LaPine, Oregon 843 cars made us the biggest rally in the world in 2017. This year will shatter that record again. We’re busy securing the site to host over 1,400 teams from all ove
Apr 13, 2018

We have enough in the pool to start looking for a gambler rig. My vote is still a v8 RWD. but i am open to others. the 1st event of the year is a rally race, and it is a RACE, so id like something tha
Mar 7, 2018

Anybody want to go in on a gambler rig? a hundo a piece and i bet we could have a blast! 1st candidate
Jun 9, 2018

Alright, EACH team member need and individual registration to get into camp. $40 each person, that covers you rig too, trailers are additional. Registration Link:
May 1, 2018

here it is. the steelpanther lives on! just have to pull some skid plates and its all ours. now what do we want to do with her? as m getting it in trade for install labor we have some funds to spend.
Apr 13, 2018

June 2nd-June 3rd Pat's Acres Racing Complex 6255 Arndt Rd NE, Canby, OR 97013 GAMBLER 500 RallyX Time Attack (cars/trucks) Pat's Acres Racing Complex Saturday June 2, 2018 Best of three laps on
Apr 13, 2018

Paypal link to the community pool for our gambler 500 funds. As of tonight, we have 300 in the account, and Im good for another bill. We have 400. Pool Link: