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Apr 10, 2021
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$900 Haltech GPS Mod-$118 Fuel Tank Sender Specs 4 ohm +/-1.0-Full 110 ohm +/-7.7-Empty A/C stuffs 2jzge, gte and 1jz, supra MK4, soarer, and sc300 AC compressors are 100% interchangeable. (allegedly) E85 will eat at (slowly granted, but will cause issues over time) factory aluminum fuel rail, need anodized rail-$430 Twin fuel pumps to fuel injectors/fuel rails/maintain pressure Bosch 044's-$215 Each New lines to support E85 Approx.-$7-$9 Per Foot Flex fuel sensor-$219 1650cc-$1250 1100cc-$780 650cc-$510 (Kit is cheaper than seperating fuel rail, Injectors, -6an inlet, union, FPR and 0-100PSI gauge) Approx. injector CC to RWHP (dependent on exact build but rough estimates) 550cc-Approx. 240rwhp 1200cc-Approx. 650rwhp 1600cc-Approx. 850rwhp Running e85 needs 25%-35% more fuel than pump to achive same results E85 has roughly a third less energy than gasoline, which means that it takes more E85 to equal gas’ power Fog Light Rewire Headlight Wiring Diagram
Mk3 MA70 content media
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