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David's Birthday trip feeler thread.
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Brandon Skinner
Mar 01, 2018
Just adding to the thread if you head south. In the area of Brookings some points of interest are the Japanese Bombing site. Its the only crater from a Japanese bomb on US soil during WW II. its an easy 2 mile old growth hike (havent done it), catch 22 is i have conflicting reports from the Forest Service, one saying the trail is closed, the other dated Dec 2017 showing it open. (link to the bomb site flyer) Further cool things are the Miller Bar Campground and further upstream is the South Fork Camping Area. Both are riverside dispersed campgrounds. Fair warning, as they are river bank campgrounds, they are typically considered closed during the winter months, since high water does tend to wash ones campsite away, but low water days happen too in the winter, if you happen to be good at predicting river flows. The South Fork camp is more in the trees so its a little less prone to flooding. Also, Whales head beach is a 4wd access beach, can't drive on it (there are other beaches in the area you can drive on) but the road down to it is steep and gravel, hence the 4wd signage, its the 2nd picture. Indian Sands is another cool trail that goes to highland sand dunes created by sandstone as opposed to ocean sands. I guess the secret is you head south and uphill as opposed to following the State signs which point towards the beach head (3rd picture). Natural Bridges are another awesome viewpoint with many options to see it, there is an awesome vista if youre not afraid of heights and do the short trail out there (i wouldnt take the dogs), and if youre really adventurous, the secret beach is supposed to be the best find if you make it there. Arizona Beach was another fun place to visit as youre passing through the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor, it used to be a beachfront campground. Its also right across the street from the Prehistoric Gardens, if youre into dinosuars lol Miller Bar Whales Head Beach Indian Sands Natural Bridges Arizona Beach
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Brandon Skinner
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