Supporter "Alpha Edition" Shirts


These shirts are being sold at a premium to help build community funds for upcoming projects. 50% Of the proceeds go directly to a community pool. All of witch will be spent on Community tools and equipment. Tools, Equipment, supplies, radios, and other associated materials needed for our upcoming projects.

The shirt will come with a Squatch bandaid badge, showing your support for the community, as well as a custom handle, hashtag, or other name of your choosing. As they are labeled in house, include your preferred badge location on your payment details, and we can place it just about anywhere you want on the Shirt before delivery or shipment.


We are SOLVE.Org Event coordinators, we have plans to adopt a trail in the TSF, and will be doing plenty of cleanup and forest maintenance in the near future. This will go a long ways towards helping build a pool to support such endeavors, rather than relying on the individuals to supply their own gear, tools,Gloves and supplies. We will be prepared as a team to supply a portion of them to you.


If the ball rolls far enough on the project, We would like to create a "Pay It Forward" Pool to have on hand for members to vote on. Where, when, and who it goes to. And for what reasons.

If You would Like to support us on a higher level, Please consider purchasing one of the "Alpha Edition" shirts.

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