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Help Us Create a Community Support Vehicle

We have been hosting local events now for 4 years running. We also sponsor many others, participate in as many as we can attend, and help promote constantly. Aside from that, our community has been able to respond to many local emergency situations. From Oakridge "SnowPocalypse" To The Wildland Fires of 2020, to the many Trail cleanups and charity events. We try as hard as we can to give back, and lead the way via the example we set within our enthusiasts community, as well as on the local grassroots level. Personally hosting over 15 events locally a year. Free to the public, open to all that come.

We would like to take our response readiness to the next level. Building a Very capable vehicle, that can be housed here locally. It would be purposed to respond to local emergencies, search and rescue, situational calls, as well as a home base for field operations far out in the wilderness, in the worst of situations. We would like to also attend many of the Race events supporting the event sponsors, race team supporters, and various people that put so much into this sport behind the scenes. I want to come out, and support those, who support others. Straight up! And Repp while we Do!

We can provide the labor, tools, skills, ambition, over all wisdom to put together not only one of the most capable rigs you will find in the Pacific Northwest, but nicest, well put together things you will see too.

Enter our 1987 Jeep comanche. Named #ProjectPineTree

This vehicle is one of many we have transformed over the years. Many of you know that to "pay the bills" so they say. We build, restore, paint, and keep up to date a great many customs vehicles. Specializing in the jeep MJ and XJ platforms. It had always been intended to be the mine and the wife's play toy. It's been to a gambler 500 and trail clean up or two already. over the last year or so of working with the community, we can see a real need for the planned platform. Not only that, but this could go a long way towards another project we may or may not be working on behind the scenes. :D

So what's the plan? what are we talking about you ask! General outline.

Build this MJ on the jeep 4.0, ax15 Manual Transmission, And Np231/231 Doubler Powertrain i already have put together for the build.(for this time being) I would like to set it up on Dana 60/shaved 14b rear, or similar, A 40-44 inch tire as a minimum, source a set of track as winter recovery platform option, rear leafs for simplicity and load bearing capabilities. Front 3 Link and Coilovers, Hydro steering Blah Blah Blah. Parts Breakdown Below.

The last part of this equation, is the MJ rescue and recovery trailer. It has been sourced, fabricated, and is awaiting this build to be completed. Another long bed comanche bed to match this, with topper, and setup for whatever kitting/modular systems we need. This, will enable a setup for event coordination, recovery, search and rescue, as well as cleanup response that few have seen before. As well as provide plenty of space for advertising!

Parts breakdown:


~ Jeep 4.0L Manual Trans AX15, External Slave, Np231/231j Doubler ~ Done ~


~ Dana 60/Shaved 14 bolt combo. ARB's Deep Gersets

~ Custom Driveshafts F&R


~ Front 3 LInk Clayton, Or JJ builders kit, Passenger drop

~ Rear chevy 63's

~ Hanger Kit

~ Rear Bypass Shocks (Have)

~ Front 2.5 Coilovers 18" Travel, With bypass shocks

~ Belly Pan

~ Limit Straps

~ Hydro Bump stops x4

~ Brake LInes (Cutting brakes, Have, Installed)


~ Full Hydro ~ Pump, Res, Lines, Ram, Joints/arms, box


~ Frame Stiffener Kit

~ Rocker Replacements

~ Hybrid Cage

~ Bed Side Armor

~ Front Fender Armor

~ Rear Winch ~ Pan ~ Bumper


~ Rock Lights

~ Projectors

~ 360* Work Lighting

~ Bed LIghting

~ Front Bar

~ Exterior Strobe/Light Bar


~ UHF/VHF Radio and antenna system

~ CB (Installed)

~ Suspension style bench seats F/R

~ Harnesses

~ Dash GPS

Wheels Tires:

~ DOT Beadlocks

~ 40-44" Tire

~ Tracks (can be towed in trailer)


~ On Board Air (Parts sourced 1/2 installed)

~ Mobile Tool Kit

~ 1st Responder Kit

~ Traction Boards

~ Stretcher

~ Recovery Gear Kit (FULL)

~ Mobile Radio Bank

~ Rear Cabin Heater

~ Foxwing awning and annex (x2 trailer and vehicle)

~ Hard shell Roofnest style RTT (X2 Trailer and vehicle)

I have the facility and ability to make this all come together. we can build it as a community (everybody loves a shop party) Use the social media platforms to document the project progress. as well as the events it participates in. Then use it to help people in need, support those who do good within the community, and continue to help us in our mission of leading by example and bringing people together.

I'm asking for your support by enabling this project with finance, or parts/supplies that directly apply to this build and mission. We want to partner with local companies, as well as ones in the in the industry looking to do god thing for good people. We would like to build relationships that will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. That last into the future, and enable Wild builds, and strong networks.

If you are interested in support this mission i commend you. Below are some links to sponsorship tiers and ways you can get involved. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Id love to discuss ideas, or anything really related. We would love to chat! No donation or support will be turned down.

Each and every one of you, mean a great deal to me and my family. Your support, cannot be commended enough.

Now enjoy some videos, Look Up our Facebook Community, Shop Page, and instagram. I look forward to Working with you.

Sponsorship Tiers can be found Here

PayPal Donations to John@RideRevival.Club

Imstagram: @RideRevival_Outdoor


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