2004 Subaru Outback Spare tire swing- away and roof rack mod's

Recently, we were given the opportunity to build some cool stuff for an '04 outback. The client wanted some overlanding style stuff for it but was unable to find a source. I contacted him via Facebook, and the rest is history!

He was trying to keep the cost down on the project as a whole, so we decided to not do a full replacement bumper but to do a backbone style; this would leave the factory bumper skin and maintain the factory look of the car.

Along with the swing-away he wanted to install lockable mounts for a water canister, two 30MM U.S. Army Surplus cans, And two "Jerry" style fuel cans on the roof rack he had already on the car.

The Client brought the car down so we could take some measurements, and take the roof rack off of the car to give me a starting point. The tentative arrangement.

We then set off to build up some mounts; and getting everything prepared to be locked as he had things stolen before.

Here is the ammo can mounts.

Here they are next to the double Jerry can holder.

We were now ready to mount the new holders into the rack. We added a new cross bar to the rack and welded everything home!

Locking latches to keep the cans secure.

Here is how we dealt with securing the water. The rack can now hold one, or two cans of potable water on the roof.

Next it was time to get going on the tire carrier and rear bumper.

The rear bumper was to have a single Jerry can mount and a single water can; along with a table, and Max-trax mounts. Things were looking good so far on the Outback.

Preparing to paint

Here is a shot of the custom Backbone brackets we fabricated to hold the bumper to the car.

With that done, it was time to fabricate the final mounts and devise the locks for the last of the accessories.

Things were shaping up nicely ...

The intention here was simple; to keep an Axe and shovel from "Growing Legs" and walking away. Done!

The final result? I'll Let the pictures do the talking.

Locked up Like Ft.Knox!

Huge Thanks to David for letting me take this on. I think it turned out great. Now Lets go get our Overland on! Check the Community Forum for details.

C-ya on Da Flip Side!