Feb 14, 2018

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  • We wanted to give back this year and registerd for the annual SOLVE cleanup inthe Tillamook State Forest. They do and annual cleanup each year and it amazes me how much stuff we actually get out of the area. i would have NEVER thought until my 1st year participating. Friday morning we loaded up the sleeper and headed out to gab a spot in the forest. We Landed at Woods Point and quickly set up our tarp city. It was a bit later than we wanted, but still a decent hour. tessa went to cook up some foods, and keith (RubyMopar660) and i set off to gather up some fire wood. I got my saw to run for about 5 min, after that, it coughed a couple times, then the motor seized! Damn! of all the things... i was less than pleased to say the least. after a bowl of foods, i decided to run to tillamook to the fred meyer and grab a new one. no worries. Until the shelve was empty, and all other stores were closed. AWW, BUNK! so away we went. Tessa found some rounds while we were gone, i quickly split them up and we enjoyed a fire for a couple hrs. there was work to be done in the AM and we wanted to call it an early night anyways. It would behoove you to Register with a screen name, just sayN ;) The Next morning, we arose, made coffee, loaded the kiddos and foods, and set off to the meetup point for the cleanup. There was actually quite the turnout this year! we should be able to make a dent for sure!!! Rodger needed the trailer from our group, but already had gathered a rather large support group for the stash of tires they were about to yank from the woods, Stephane had her area covered, so we headed out to cover the University Firepower Road and trail system. Ben had met us at the staging area and was going to be tagging along for the day to help, he brought his brother Will out as well. It was a pleasure leading you two around, and having you help. it was greatly appreciated, and really invaluable! After a few sections of powerline Jahmal flagged us down. he wanted to gather the rigs in the area and get together to grab some big ticket items. A stash of tires along a dead end section of road was up 1st. One FLat Bed Later and we were back down the road. Then back down the road and trail. We were working the section from powerline headed to Horse camp. There were a few spots, but less than we expected to see. Still stupid some of the things we dug out. We came to an uphill clear cut section where there was a lot of shooting remnants, we stopped to pick them up when Gwen decided to take a turn at running down the hill. It did not end well for her... Tough girl. We had found a good clear cut area with lots of pre cut rounds tough. this was good as we stopped back here on the way back to camp and loaded up the trailer with good pre cut wood. Problem Solved! We headed back past LYDA camp, and back to the meatup point, right as everybody else was rolling in! Great timing from all the groups out there. Cool tow pig on the way back to camp, had to take a pic! Then we chilled and waited for the Steel Panther to arrive. Foods were made, beverages were had, good times to boot. Trails were the plan for the AM, easy start, whenevers people got up. We wanted to hit Hoodraiser, to HogsBack, then the RockyUp Hill Bypass. Then as far down Archers FireBreak as we could get. Trail Chores! Lined up and ready to roll Out! HoodRaiser was the 1st trail to get our feet wet, Ben was new to his rig and offroading, David was on his second trip in the 4x4 world with the subie. we wanted to take it easy. that went smoothly so we took a shot at hogsback, the subie was a bit low and long for it so we sent him around as the two jeeps and 4runner took a crack at it. All went well! and we set off for the second section through the trees. RubyMopar660 BenDryer Had to stop at the view point! We were making great time, the group decided to head of in search of Archers, This is where things would turn quickly. We got turned around a couple times on the newly revised Rocky Uphill Bypass section, but once at the bottom we were good to go. Passed can opener, and hit the hillclimb on archers. The yoda did amazing! on 15psi and one E-locker, it walked right up everything all day long. Impressive for stock trim. sent the subie up the hill climb bypass. Even it was impressive to see in the mirror! We were now cruzing down the muddier sections closer to waterfall when we got into some rutted up sections. I led the yoda down, then it was the subies turn. Now, before i tell the rest, let me describe a few KEY phrases NOT to use, while on, or preparing for a wheeling trip. We used them all. And may have deserved what was coming next. 1: On my last group post to FB about the event i ended with " keep the rubber side down" and "sya on da flip side" 2: As we started this section i say to david, "look, now you can tell everybody you took the subie down a black diamond trail" 3:Right before david came down the hill he asks over the radio. "theres like, no way i can flip over or anything right?" 4:I replied no, just stay in the rutts, "does it feel like it dragging rally hard in the mud?" No was the response. I said then just comeon down nice and easy, keep your momentum. The reply. 5:"But it looks so much cooler if i side hill like this" as he tries to climb up the side of the ruts a little. None of this seemed to help after the next happened. From there all i can see is the car rolling further and further up the side of the hill, and almost into a flop. I start hollering on the radio, STOP STOP STOP!!!!! It was too late, all i could do was watch the subit take one bounce off the passenger side, and land right on its top. I did not believe my eyes, until I herd that all too familial crunching sound. I called to kill the engine, and ran back as fast as i could. The dogs we out, and david was alright! Thank God! Blackie lost a dueclaw and david was a little ruffed up but all and all things were ok. Now to figure out a plan to upright the subie. My girl got great footage of the whole thing so i was able to make a vid of the process. ill let that do the talking their. after it was on all 4s and safely stable, we got everything cleaned up, checked fluids and headed off for camp. nice and easy, slow does it, the plan was to take as long as it took to get it back safely. it was fast! the car was in great shape after. just a push down in the center of the roof that broke the front glass, some sheet metal, and glass damage. The structure of the car, suspension, and drivetrain were all still in good working order. david decided to clean up a bit more, and try to drive it back to portland! Yep! The bitch drove home! Crazy strong cassis, I don't know that my xj would have fared that well. A testimate to going prepared. Never going alone, and always keeping safety the number one priority! If nothing else, your livelihood is what matters most. I Am So Proud of how the group handled the situation. Kept everybody safe the whole time, watched each other for the missed steps, and asked questions when stepping into the unknown. This could have gone a whole lot different with a different set of people. i could not be more proud to have met you guys, and to have had you there for this. Thank you! once back at camp, we toasted to our success! (nobody died!) oh LOL. and started to pack up. it was sunday and was to be a late night back. 400 tires, 3 full roofing dumpsters, and a flipped subie later. The 1st RideRevival SOLVE@TSF Cleanup campout has came and went. Thankyou to all the came out and helped. It was a pleasure having you. hope we can get together again soon. Until the next one! John&Fam
  • Defender of the Fatherland Day is a Russain army holiday of one form or another. Ive know Nik of www.NiksonOverland.com For some time now. He and his comrades celebrate this by heading up to Olallie Lake here in Oregon and camping for the weekend. Ice Fishing, sacrificial Lambs, Vodka. You know ;) I had the 04 Subaru coming in Saturday so I had only a couple days to spend in camp. I decided to take the opportunity to camp, make dinner, hang out, and enjoy the good company. I left town around noon Thursday the 22nd. At the gas station I saw a familiar sight. The old Mustang! This is the rig my parents bought when I was 15. They told me if i could fix it and get it restored i could learn to drive in it, and take it to high school. I have still never drove it. After I did my part they sold it :( WahWah Still, it started me down the path that leads to where I am now. I get a warm feeling every time I see her. After fueling up I stopped by the Airport to see Tessa and grab a bite to eat on my way out. The omens were getting good! I was taking it as a sign. I wanted a Heavy Breakfast. After, I was headed out of town. Fully loaded, gassed up and ready to freeze. MUWAHAHAHAH I Got to Detroit and headed North towards The loop. It had been snowing since Stayton and snow on the ground all over the place just after Salem. I knew it was going to be great for snow conditions. I followed a plow up to about the hotsprings on 46. As I rounded the corner up the road past the plowing maintenance. I saw a man standing on the corner/in the ditch above me. My stereo was jamming and I was kinda mashing it for camp. It took me a double take and him hollering at me for me to stop LOL. he said he was stuck and asked if I had a "Chain" I gladly headed up the hill to help him. He was in a new jeep Renagade that he got about 2 weeks prior he said. Not to far off the road but on a uphill corner and pined against a tree. I decided to winch him out instead of snap pulling him and risking further damage. If You have a rig like this, and tires like this. Take chains and a shovel. Period. Had I not been up it could have been a rough night. It was fixing to be -10* that night. I got Him winched up an onto the road. I pulled by him and nosed him hard passenger and down the hill. Then we hooked back up to him and pulled it around the rest of the way with the jeep. No Worries at all. I Decided it was a good idea to air down here. . . After hitting 7psi it drove right out. we got back down to the plowed road an Terry set off. Glad he got out safe! I then set off for the top of the pass and down the backside in search of camp. I told myself to take it easy, and enjoy the ride. most of the time I have the whole family, and we need to get to our destination asap. It was a refreshing change to chill and take it slow at my own pace, with no group pushing or pulling me. Shot from the Power Lines @ Skyline Loop Rd. From here on down the back side the snow got better and better. Beautiful! I rolled into camp and got a big hug from the host! Found a spot that looked good, and quickly got stuck in a drift trying to smash a spot to put up my junk. Had a blast digging myself out as some on lookers wondered "Is he really having fun with that?" I WAS! We hung out around the fire a bit. There were some random fireworks, and lots of Russian talk. Im sorry for completely botching you name around the campfire. Nik' tried his best to get me to say it right. alas, im a yank to the core LOL. I have decided to call you goulash, because you name is spicy like goulash. heheh. What can I say, Armenians right!?!? It was great to meet you all! I had a blast hanging out! After Dark I got hungry and headed to my shanty to make some foods. Turns out, as usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. kielbasa Spicy rice. MMMMM I Took leftover out to share but most had gone to snow wheel while I was in the tent cooking. I was kinda bummed as i had fuel this time out. But I was in good company and having a great time regardless of anything. How can you complain? I headed down to the lake to see if i could get some good night shots. I've been playing with my settings on my 200$ camera jobber. It does great for what I use it for. I headed to bed rather than freeze my way back to the fire after cleaning up. I slept till 3:30 Am when I woke up cold and cramped from sleeping W/O moving for several Hrs. It was COLD. I about passed out when I herd a rig start. I woke again at 6:30am. The Sun was coming up, and that rig was still running. It was COLD! I mustered a fire and a pot of coffee before setting off to snap some sunrise pics of the lake. My fingers froze instantly, the good camera would not turn on, and it took me 2hrs to get my toes to thaw. Still, the view was well worth the chill, and dip in the snow drift i took on the way down to get a look. After Another Pot Of Coffee I went back for some sun up pics, it was sooo much warmer in the sun. (still -3*at this point) It was a Beautiful Morning on the Lake!!! Most of the campers were getting up and about to check on one and other. All seemed to be well in camp and people were eating and getting coffee/tea'd up for the day! I hung out by the fire a bit, Then Nik' says something about bringing the Lamb out. Wait, WhAt?!? Yeah that's right. Lamb Roast over an open fire! These guys know how to do it! Damn I wish I had the time to stay to help them eat it. So Crazy Cool! Way to be Nik' And I Dub this lamb "50 Shades Lamb" you had to have been there. I gave Nik' the vid, well see if he posts it LOL. I got all my stuff packed up, fired the jeep up(she was pissed) it took over an Hr for it to come up to operating temp. Before I left I went to drink some coffee and hang out with the fellas Ice Fishing. Yes, Ice Fishing In Oregon!!! Creepy or what? So Very Cool, cold, Frozen balls. W/E lol. It was actually really warm out there in the sun. i almost fell asleep in my chair on the lake. It was time for me to go. cresting 3pm, I had no choice. Said my goodby's and headed out. It was such a nice day, I hated it and drove slow as heck. Tell me it was not worth it, and that there is no way. I love it! Cant Wait till the next trip out. There might be a Redwoods Trip coming up soon. Stay tuned, we would love to see you out there. I aired up at the hotsprings. ill say this. if you have a Prius, lets take it wheeling. Its a thing. . . 3 minivans and one woman taking chains off her BMW offered to help me. That was nice. I slammed my last cup of coffee, changed my shoes, aired up and hit the highway. What a great couple days. Take care, and stay warm! Bronze.