May 30, 2018

Pistons Wild Life is a Journey 4X4 Poker Run

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Edited: May 30, 2018

June 23rd we are registered for the poker run in the TSF. This is put on every year and is a blast. Pistons do a great job with events.


Camping at browns camp as of now, that may change a bit later.


Registration is $50, they have some swag for sale, and a killer raffle if you want to get in on that too.


Registration can be found here:


Hope to see you all out there!


Jun 21, 2018

I can't wait to go!! Just about trail ready! I even managed to share this event with some Army buddies and a couple are coming as well!

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  • Ok guys its time for the plan. thank you for your input and apologies for not giving more time for planning such a trip. Redwoods 1st! Head Down I5 Monday morning. At grants pass Oregon take a right onto Hw199 "The Redwoods Highway" most of the drive will be on i5 so when you see the 199 it won't be long. 15 or so miles from Crescent City,Ca on 199 is the Hiouchi visitor center, if its open stop in. lots of good info and some great maps to pick up of the area. Continue down the 199 into Crescent City, turn right on Hw 101(north), shortly after look for the sign for Florence keller park. 15$ a night, in a nice grove of redwoods, plenty of space, and close to all the good stuff. Dog friendly. Take a break and head on south, or set camp and go from there. From there most all of the redwoods stuff is south. You can spent the next two days there exploring the sights at your leisure. 26 miles to the south is the "trees of Mystery" They have paul bunyan, the tree you can you drive under and a cable car tour through the redwoods. I hear nothing but good things about this place. Further south you will reenter the Redwoods National Forest. With several trail heads, beaches, and viewpoints along the route it won't take long to fill the rest of the time. Be sure to Take Howland Hill Road. It is well worth the drive. you can find it by either heading out hw 199 again, past the visitors center(east). It will be on your right, Just a couple miles past. It is well marked. OR the other side is in town at the south end of Crescent city, Elk Valley road is what you will be looking for. It takes you to Howland Hill Rd. It's on the east side of hw101. Being mobile you could either stay at Florence keller, Or move to another, TBD, place the next day. Continue the Redwoods Adventure Tuesday. Harbor Grotto view Has Great food and views if you get tired for camp food. The Beach in crescent city is good is good too if you tire of the trees Wednesday Head north 180 miles to Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park It is right on the Oregon Dunes, This time of year you can enter the dunes right from the park via "H" loop, there is a "quiet time" so respect the rules please. It was a highly recommended place and has all the facilities. Take your time on this leg, there are hundreds of places to stop, see, take pics, hike, viewpoints, and little coastal towns. check it out. There are things on both sides of 101 the entire way. Drive slow, stop often. It will be well worth it! If You have extra time check out Jerry's Jet boats, And /or The West Coast Game Park. Both are highlights. Thursday morning Head North for Sand Lake! You will be passing through yachats (rocky shores), Newport, Depoe Bay, Beverly Beach, Sea lion Caves, tide pools, lighthouses, Lincolin city (casino!) and the Rock at Pacific City are all along the way. At sand lake we can either camp on the sand for the night or in one of the sites, ill leave it up to the group to make this call on the fly. (conditions may vary) Friday Morning Head for TSF/Browns camp for friday and saturday night. Spend a couple days in the woods. checking out trails, hanging by the campfire. relaxing, learning, and over all just wasting the reas of the weekend with good people and having good time. I have been in the area for a decade. am and Oregon Trophy Challenge finalist(multiple times), and have a lot of experience in and on the trails. my jeep is fully capable and equipped for recovery if needed. Please Dont hesitate to come out. Dont let the youtube videos scare you, there is literally a trail or something to to fo any vehicle. comeon out. share our campfire and have a good time. even if you just want to camp and shoot the shit. There might even be a seat open up throughout the weekend. I wont lead you into trouble. well, too much ;) I plan to have a BIG fire, my Wife and both kids will be joining us for the weekend, and we usually eat better in the woods than at home. so come on out and join us! We will camp at a place called Woods Point. It is up South Fork Road off of HW6 headed east out of Tillamook. Follow the signs to portland. Look for signs for south for prison camp, turn onto S.Fork Rd (gravel) Follow that 3 miles or so (passed the prison camp on the right). You will come to a fork in the road, follow it to the right over the bridge. Just past eh bend you will find Lyda Camp, keep going up the hill and follow the road to the left (C-line Rd.) about a mile back you will find "woods point" There is a large central camping spot and lots of wood close for our bonfire! Im looking forward to a great fun filled week. Please post up on what sections you plan on joining for so we have a relative headcount. once we know group size and days we i'll get the meeting times hashed out. At this point its looking like im going to have to skip the 1st 1/2 and meet everybody at sand lake. I really wanted to stretch the trip and make it south. its just not in the cards for me thins time and there is no way im getting out of taking the fam in one way or the other. ill probably be chilling at sand lake when you all roll in. that may change, but it is my tentative at this point. Thanks again for being here guys and gals. Let's make this one to remember! HBD David! John.
  • I was asked to put together something for Davids birthday coming up. he has the overlad itch. Monday March 12th through Friday the 16. I have two loops in mind for the week. snow pack is low, and time is short to plan that trip so here goes. My.02 Option one: Head Straight to the redwoods. Head south via I5 destination Crescent city, Ca. There is a bunch of stuff to do down there in the redwoods north and south. I know of a good and quiet camp location near town and the forest, and forest center.( spent the next day exploring at your leisure, camp a second night, head out in the morning of the 3rd day. The dunes we can stay at Hooneymoon state park ( Is has an acess to the beach right in camp (if not its close) so you can go out and play on the sand, drive to the beach, W/E's. Stay there overnight, puting us into thursday morning. Then head North on Hw 101 for Ft. stevens state park. ( I grew up going there. There are plenty of things to do and see. left over WWII bunkers. miles of bike trails, a lake, the Peter Iredale shipwreck, driveable beach. Its a nice place. this take sus into friday. and puts us near seaside, or and a quick jot home for some of you pdx guys. Option Two... Start at Browns camp, Or. I will guide you on whatever trails we want to run. find a camp, build a HUGE fire, shoot the shit, eat good dinner and see as much or as little as the group feels up to. trail miles, cool, camp time, cool. spend either one or two days there exploring, and wheeling the trials. maybee spend the 1st day hitting mild trails everybody can do, then the second doing trail with more difficulty? Wednesday Head for sand lake bomb around on the sand, find a spot to camp, get our ocean fix during the day. move on to Either beverly beach state park( or Ft. Stevens State park. where both are very chill, have great clean facilities, and are in good proximity to good foods on the way home. My preference is option two. only due to planning time and mileage. this will keep us close to home, still a very diverse path with plenty to do. and when the weather gets better i'm planing on making a redwoods trip with the wife and kids anyways (open invite!) but its not my birthday and I'm not deciding! so there LOL. If you guys want to go to go on the redwoods loop trip this time I and I can't make it i have no problem setting you up with an itinerary and meeting up with you later in the week for the end of the trip. So let my situation have no bearing on your decisions. Lets take a few days to discuss it here. i'll get an official staging area thread up when we have hashed out a little more of the details. Looking forward to a kick ass time! Bronze.
  • Looks like im headed on a solo run to Olallie lake for an overnighter. Thursday/friday. Windchill factor -2*F. Wish me Luck Bronze