Mar 22, 2018

2018 TSF SOLVE Clean-up 04-21/22


Edited: Apr 10, 2018

Earth Day is coming! Help us give back and do our parts at keeping public land open to the public!

We are Registered for the 2018 Solve Cleanup in the TSF under the name RideRevival. This is a great opportunity to help give back to the people who created the trails, Help Keep them open, and maybe run some trail while we are at it!


We will camp At Woods Point Above Lyda, Unless otherwise changed.


Forum Link: Event Sign Up:

If you dont fill out the sign up sheet you will have to do the paperwork at the event sign in. online just saves you some time in the morning.

We will be in camp(woods point) friday midday ish for those of you who want to come out and chill for the weekend. We would love to see you! Bring extra gloves, hand tools, and clothes. Who knows what we might find in the woods. Be prepared for wet and inclimate weather.

8AM -1PM Cleanup, Whatevers after!

Sunday is open for all to decide what to do with. we can break camp, or go hit some trail. i know of another group headed for some moderate trails that day. we might be able to join up, or break into two groups. (moderate and easy) or just tool around and do our own thing. Whatevers clever. if you have a pickup and/or trailer you can bring, it would be a great help. I know some of our trail rigs fill fast. i may bring both as well.

Ill post more details for the actual cleanup meeting time and area. it is usually staged at the gravel pit just below "Rodgers Staging Area" As soon as I get a return E-mail from ODF I will get it posted.

Please, Come give us a hand and hang out for the weekend. Or just stop by and say Hi. Even if you don't have a trail rig, this is more of a get out and enjoy the forest, camp, cleanup, and hang out. Come on out and join us for some campfire time! You will not regret it.


Hope to see you there!


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Apr 11, 2018

Thanks for the invite, I'm looking forward to coming out and getting a chance to meet everybody and do a little rambling. I'd be happy to bring something for the potluck... How many people are looking at coming? And should I post this to the FB page instead? Thanks!

Apr 12, 2018

Heay Ben, That's awesome you are planning on making it out. It is shaping up to be a fun weekend! I think we have 3 interested in the potluck. you can post up in the fb thread too. ill poke the bear a bit tonight and see if we can get an official head count started.


Our sticker cutter should be here wednesday, hopefully ill have some swag to pass out ;)


About a week to go, I cant wait!