Mar 4, 2018



Im working through some mobile device issues. If you are having troubles,please let me know. Ill do my best to get it fixed. Thankyou!




Mar 4, 2018

I tap where it says to write a comment and it doesn’t work. Then I tap where it says be the first one to write a comment and that’s where I’m able to start writing. Auto correct is working here on a reply comment

Mar 4, 2018

Things seem to be a little different from android to apple os's. im digging into it. Thanks Tyler!



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  • This thread is to be used as a guide for members planning on attending an event, or to help with scheduling an event. This will apply to both our Facebook community and website forum. We hope this helps standardize Run classifications for everybody. We want to be clear what kind of vehicle the event apples to, and what you will want to have with you. There will be event specifics posted for each event. this is meant as a guide to help all of us created well coordinated gatherings. *Emergency Prep Kit 1: Food and drink to support each person in the vehicle for 3 full meals. 2: Small 1st Aid kit 3: Overnight Sleeping gear for all passengers and driver. *Recovery Gear Bag 1: 20Ft tow strap (No Metal Ends) 20k breaking strength recommended. 2: Tree Saver Strap 3: Winch Gloves (Cows Hide or better) 4: Extra “D Rings” shackles, clevis 5: Snatch Block 20k or better *Additional recommendations * *Safety Vest *Winch Weight *Beer This thread will be fluid, so don't forget to register and hit the notifications. Thanks for being here! #TeamRideRevival Bronze.
  • #TeamRideRevival Basic/General Preparedness list. This is a basic list of this we would like to see installed or equipped for each vehicle and participant. *Street Car Events Exempt and subject to individual event preparedness. ~Visibly Charge 1LB fire extinguisher (2LB) recommended. ~Small First Aid Kit, Shovel, One Gallon of Water (potable or non) One Gallon of Potable Water ~Adequate spare tire, Jack, Lug Wrench, Tire Plug Kit, Pressure Gauge ~Adequate Recovery Points front and rear *All items must be mounted in a way to provide proper strength and integrity Tow hooks of OEM strength or greater D-Rings Shackle/clevis ~20 Ft Tow strap. No Metal Hooks, 20K snap strength recommended. ~Properly Secured Battery (no straps or bungee cords) ~Hand Held Walkie Talkie for your person, (each person in your party recommended) and batteries for the trip. This will help with over all group communications. Thank You Bronze.
  • ~Radio Operation Guidelines~ When making a radio call use the persons name Or nick name as your first call. “Joe Smith!” Then wait for a response. . . It may take a few seconds for them to pick up and respond so be patient. We are all working or controlling vehicles. The response When/if you hear your name is called over should be a simple “Yeah Go Ahead” You should then begin your conversation with out delay. This will give plenty of time for people to respond, and make it very clear who you are trying to get a hold of. Radio confusion is counter productive to the tools use. Please respect them! 1: No Swearing! If you wouldn’t say it in church, don’t say it over that radio. Period. 2: Keep Your conversations As Brief As Possible. The longer you are on the airways, the less we can get through to other team members. Sometimes speed of communication is key. 3: No radio calls to persons within visual distance. If you have line of sight with them, please make the effort to communicate with them directly. 4: All #TeamRideRevival Radios handed out to participants must stay on their persons and turned on, at all times!!! This is crucial to safety! If there is an emergency, we need to be able to get a hold of key team members at any given time. Additional Notes: Because we strongly suggest you equip your vehicle with a CB radio, and are asking each person to acquire and carry a hand held FRS radio (walkie talkie), please leave in vehicle communications between group members to that equipment. We want to be using the team radios for field use as much as possible. *Will Not Apply To Street Car Events* *Use Team Radios For All Emergency Communications. Contact the “Trail Leader” ASAP* Thank You Bronze