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Apr 7

This thread is to be used as a guide for members planning on attending an event, or to help with scheduling an event. This will apply to both our Facebook community and website forum. We hope this hel
Apr 5

~Radio Operation Guidelines~ When making a radio call use the persons name Or nick name as your first call. “Joe Smith!” Then wait for a response. . . It may take a few seconds for them to pick up a
Mar 28, 2018

I dont want to get to the point of having a "store" like almost everybody else has. But i Do want Swag! SwagSwagSwag! So, i was thinking of a swag tip jar for starters? just setting a jar out at even
Mar 4, 2018

Im working through some mobile device issues. If you are having troubles,please let me know. Ill do my best to get it fixed. Thankyou!
Feb 24, 2018

I Hope this is the start of something wonderful. it may take trials and tribulations. One thing is for sure, Good times are ahead!
Apr 6

#TeamRideRevival Basic/General Preparedness list. This is a basic list of this we would like to see installed or equipped for each vehicle and participant. *Street Car Events Exempt and subject to
Jan 31

Well it has been a while since i posted on the actual forum. I wanted this post to be more for the core group members. I feel like we have a solid foundation of members now. And i am very excited for
Mar 6, 2018

hello everyone..... glad to be a part of my families business and fun site.... wanted to get on to confirm that the iphone platform is working.... i will say it is a little tricky at first, but i figu
Mar 2, 2018

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my good buddy Josh. Im not sure if here is on here yet, but regardless, one of the best peeps ive ever known. Happy birthday brotha! John.
Feb 18, 2018

im stoked to be part of rhe group john!