Mar 5, 2018

installation of strip lights.


Hello Everybody and ride revival! I am looking for some good advice on how to get a clean professional and practical install of putting some strip lights on my trailer. I have a 8.5x16' enclosed trailer that I am installing RGB strip lighting on the bottom side of the trailer. the lights I bought come with 3M tape pre-installed on the lights but what I am worried about is that perhaps one day that tape will wear out and I will be driving down the road with the (fairly expensive) lights bouncing down the road. what would be some alternatives to permanately installing these lights to the side of the trailer? I have considered adding some extra bonding material (epoxy perhaps?) onto the strip lights and then applying directly to the side of the trailer but then I would be worried about damaging the lights or trailer siding in the event of needing to remove it. another alternative would be using the 3M tape along with some sort of fastener that would allow me to run the light through the fasteners and then bolt/ screw it into the siding of the trailer. (probably with some sort of gasket under neath to prevent any water from coming in) i would appreciate any input on the install! I am very meticulous with my work as well and I am open all suggestions. Thanks RR and fellow enthusiasts!

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Great Question Tyler! And Welcome to the forum!


3m is putting this stuff on all sort of stuff now days. when it came out i wondered the same thing as you. "is this stuff really going to hold"? We used it for attaching things you would not think tape will hold. At the manufacturing level and in a professional environment 3m absolutely requires a "Primer" to be used on the surface to prep it before tape applications. If you follow the their directions, they guarantee it for LIFE.


Here is a pic of the Primer:


Now, having it in my hands and reading the label. While reviewing chemical MSDS sheets for Forest River Inc. I noticed it was over 85% alcohol. Alcohol is what they use as a base for the primer. Not Water, like most solvents. Knowing this, go grab a jug of isopropyl alcohol from the store, and a scotch brite. clean the area you want to stick the lights with the isopropyl alcohol then again with a rag and isopropyl alcohol to finish clean. Its now ready for stickage!


Now, let me tell you. when you go to stick the lights, make sure to go slow, and set/press them into the place you want, real slow! Then lean into it with your body weight and smash it the rest of the way on. I'll tell you this, if you miss the spot, or get it crooked, there is NO readjusting it. It will literally be BONDED to that surface. id bet the paint gives, or the light breaks before anything else, trying to peel it off. This shit is crazy when you prep the surface right. I ripped R.V. Sidewall material before the rubber it attached tore and gave way. real good stuff! it is sensitive to temperature, so it best if the panel and tape are over 75*f, if not take a hair dryer or heat gun to it a bit. setting it in the sun (like we get that round here) will/should be enough. if its warm to the touch, you definitely good to go. if you have to do it in the cold, just give it a few Hrs before anything tugs or prys on it real good. once it temp sets, it will last forever.


Do your prep and stick it Tyler! just be damn sure its in the right spot 1st shot, and the surface is prepped.


Thanks for stopping by man, hope to see more of you around these parts!



Mar 5, 2018

Awesome, Thanks John! will post some pictures once I get it installed

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